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Shanklin Chine and the Heritage Centre form a splendid complex for school parties to visit. The Chine is a beautiful and natural geographic phenomena, with a swiftly flowing stream running through a sandstone gorge, tumbling over a series of waterfalls on its path to the sea. It is a haven for wildlife and plants; students can benefit greatly from the unique woodland and stream surroundings.


The life of a river and its three stages
The formation of sandstone and the 'sedimentary cycle'
Different types of sandstone in other parts of the country
The use of sandstone in the building industry
The Coastal Educational Display

The Coastal Educational Display moved to the Chine last year and is a great resource for school parties

Development of the tourism industry on the Isle of Wight
The history and development of Shanklin
The story of PLUTO and the use of Shanklin Chine to deliver petrol to the forces in Europe during the Second World War

Displays of specimens from trees, e.g. leaf prints, bark rubbings, pictures of twigs, flowers, fruits, catkins

Plants and animals of woodland and river habitats; their dependence on each other and their places in the food chain
The evolution of plant life and how it gradually came to live away from water
Reproduction of non-flowering plants

Enact stories of smuggling; make up a play about a smuggler who is caught

Stories of smuggling at the Chine
Write about life in Shanklin before the coming of the railway
Imaginative stories of plants or animals of the Chine