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The most comprehensive museum of its kind in the world, it illustrates submarine development and underwater warfare from the earliest  days  to the present nuclear age.  Besides the many pictures, artefacts, Jolly Roger flags and wartime trophies, there are models of every kind of British submarine from 1901 onwards and a working explanation of nuclear power. 

Pupils are given a guided tour of HMS Submarine ‘ Alliance’.  She was  designed for wartime service in the Far East but the war ended before she could see action.   She was modernised and streamlined in 1960, continuing to serve until 1973.  All compartments are open to pupils who are also given a ten minute audio-visual briefing before going on board.

Imagine being able to step on board the historic submarine and being immersed in an exciting and authentic soundscape and seeing everyday objects as if the crew were all around you including:

  • Snoring coming from the bunks!
  • The sound of diesel engines
  • Cooking pots in the galley
  • The sound of the control room in action
  • The instrument panels lit up


Depending on how much time you have, your visit can include all of the following:

A taught workshop from the Education Officers (see options below)

A guided themed tour of our WW2 era submarine, HMS Alliance, led by former submariners

Time in the different museum galleries including the interactive Science & Submarines Gallery

Time to look at other submarines such as Holland 1 (The Royal Navy's first submarine) and X24 (the only surviving example of a World War Two midget submarine).

Duration of activities:

The tour of HMS Alliance lasts around 40 minutes

The taught workshop runs for 40mins or 60 minutes dependent on the needs of the group

Your time in particular galleries will depend on your needs - the learning team can advise you on this and there are additional resources which you can download, print and photocopy to bring along (available to download from the Teachers Resorce section on the left hand side menu).


We will send you an itinerary when you book and you can arrange a free preliminary visit. We will greet you from the coach and spend time ensuring your visit runs smoothly from start to finish.


School groups have the use of a new dedicated learning centre with full access to the museum's education and learning services. Schools have their own space for eating their packed lunches, space for coats and bags, workshop space and accessible toilets.