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The mission of Dinosaur Isle is  “To be a national centre of excellence in the conservation, interpretation and acquisition of the Island’s dinosaurs and diverse geological heritage” and its aims are:

  • To collect, document, preserve and facilitate research of geological material found on the Isle of Wight for the benefit of present and future generations.
  • To display and interpret the Island’s geological past with special reference to dinosaurs for the education, enlightenment and enjoyment of local people and Island visitors.
  • To deliver a programme of learning opportunities to the widest audience that promotes a better understanding of dinosaurs and geology.
  • To help foster an appreciation and interest in the Island’s geological heritage so as to help conserve and protect it for future generations.
  • To be responsive to public needs in making the geological heritage accessible to all.
  • To facilitate continuing research into the collection, and the publication of academic and non-academic findings.

We describe ourselves as a centre of learning for a wide range of visitors, in terms of age, prior knowledge, and learning aims; and we do this via a variety of learning activities.

1) A focused hands-on handling session – led by an expert – where children get to handle real fossils and take part in the discussions of what they are, how they formed, and why they are different from the remains of living organisms today.

2) A visit around our galleries and exhibitions looking at fossils from the Isle of Wight, and the reconstructed creatures and landscapes that once existed here millions of years ago.

3) A popular guided fossil and geology walk to the local beach, or to beaches further away depending on the school – accompanied by expert guides who can assist the children in identifying the fossils and other objects they find, and place them into context with the ancient environment and other animals and plants living at that time.

How do we class ourselves?

The largest provider of geological and palaeontological learning on the Isle of Wight.

An interactive, active, fun, learning experience for all.

We aim to enthuse your pupils with a better understanding of the importance of the fossil record on the Island, particularly in respect of dinosaurs. The Isle of Wight and Dinosaur Isle are internationally famous for its rocks and fossils.

We show how evolution has altered the organisms that once lived here, and how the fossil record supports this through solid evidence.

On our guided walks pupils will learn about the effects of modern coastal erosion and its effects on the local community and modern environment.

We are a very popular visit destination for UK and overseas school residential and day-visits. School visits are either for a whole morning or afternoon, and in some cases schools stay the day.

We supply a learning experience to all age ranges from Reception Class to University student. The provision is supplied all year. Years 3 to 6 find us especially popular.  

Pupils will leave with a greater understanding of the diversity of ancient environments on the Island, its geological timeline, the rocks it is made of, and the variety of past life preserved as fossils that can be found in the museum and out on the beaches.

We provide a stimulus for other learning areas, including science, maths, art and literature. Children find dinosaurs a never-ending source of inspiration for extended learning (including making lego dinosaur robots!)