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Our trips are generally 25 minutes offering a round trip from Alum Bay beach out as far as the Needles Lighthouse. During the trip, live commentary is given to describe the interesting features of the area, that may include the following.

  • Operation of the Needles Lighthouse, protecting and guiding shipping into the Needles channel since 1858.
  • Shipwrecks of past that have been victims of the Needles.
  • Geology of the Needles rocks and origin of the coloured sands at Alum Bay.
  • Examples of coastal erosion
  • Bird life with examples of cormorants, Guillemots, Gannets, Peregrine Falcons to name a few
  • History of the forts of the Old Needles Battery, including the Victorian gun slots. Distant views of Hurst Castle (built by Henry VIII in 1545) and Fort Albert build in Queen Victorias’ time.
  • Glimpses of the Rocket Test Site, active between the 1950s’ and early 1970s’
  • Evidence of fishing practices within the bay - lobsters pots, angling boats, trawlers.

Commentary can be tailored to suite the visiting schools curriculum, or left to the skippers discretion for the group to enjoy, whether it be of an educational nature or simply for the group to enjoy the interesting points of the area.