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If you have been out and about all day, what better way can there be to spend an evening than listening to, and participating in, a storytelling session?

The stories I tell may be true or not-so-true!

Local myths and legends of the Isle of Wight abound, whether they be about Queen Victoria, hovercrafts, shipwrecks or smugglers, and I can tailor my story sessions to complement the places you visit during your stay. Stories add the flesh and padding to the bare bones of facts and dates. You'll be amazed how much detail children retain when information is provided in a story form. Taking on the roles of being a rich squire or a poor smuggler, children gain a better understanding of the reasons why smuggling was an important part of life in all layers of society in the eighteenth century.

Constructing stories is one of the most fundamental ways of making sense of our experiences and it pervades all our learning. But stories don't all have to be serious transmissions of our culture. Some of the light hearted tales which I tell, explain why the crab has no head, or how to get a donkey out of a well,. They are a great way to model storytelling language, and pass on the styles and conventions,of storytelling, as well as being a lot of fun. If desired, I can run a two hour storytelling workshop to develop the speaking and listening skills that are a crucial part of storytelling.

Looking for something more active? I do a great seaside or woodland story walk in which we walk about a mile but have frequent stops along the way for stories. They'll definitely sleep well after that.

A storytelling evening will inform,inspire and entertain.