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Join Joe Redston and his team for an educational, fun-packed 2-hours on Sandown Beach.  The experienced activity leaders will split your pupils into four groups. They will then take part in a variety of activities including Beach Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, a Treasure Hunt and Sand Sculpture competition.  The activity leaders will structure it so that all the children are involved at all times. Points are awarded for each event, and at the end an overall winner is announced!

After a short welcome and briefing, pupils are randomly split into four teams.  Each team is given a colour and gets a variety of appropriately coloured items to identify themselves, including a flag and various accessories they can wear.  Events run concurrently. For example, while some of the team are taking part in the Beach Soccer tournament, other members of the team are playing different games, creating the team’s Sand Sculpture, collecting items for the Treasure Hunt, or completing the Beach Quiz.

Part of the challenge is assessing the strengths of the different members of your team.  Your pupils will have a unique opportunity to discover new sports and learn about the beach environment. The activity leaders make sure that all members of the teams are actively involved at all times, and are able to contribute to the team’s overall score. The session culminates with a short ‘medal ceremony’, where members of the winning team each receive a small prize!