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Educational visits
for primary and junior schools

Trained education staff at the Isle of Wight Zoo have been enthusing young people for the natural world and giving expert insight into conservation issues for many years.  Schools are encouraged to pre-book an education session as part of their visit. There is no additional charge for these and feedback from teachers tells us that children who take part in education sessions get much more from their visit.

Education Sessions
If you book a general education session your group will receive a talk about biodiversity conservation followed by a zoo tour. The session will be pitched at an appropriate level for your pupils.

Special topics
Alternatively you may prefer a taught session on a particular topic. The zoo’s educators are always happy to provide such sessions as long as they are given sufficient notice of your learning objectives.
Please also let us know if any of your pupils have specific needs.

Education Centre
This is an indoor teaching area with a wide range of  animal- and conservation-themed resources.
A variety of live animals are housed within the education centre and most education sessions will include opportunities for the children to see and often to touch live animals (if you wish them to do so).  The education centre also has hand washing facilities.
The zoo holds the Learning Outside the Classroom Council’s Quality Badge.

The animals
There is a wide variety of animals at the Isle of Wight Zoo, including big cats, monkeys, lemurs and small mammals such as raccoons and meerkats. Each individual animal has its own personality and our tours ensure students obtain a unique insight into the animals’ lives. Several of the animals have been rescued from unfortunate circumstances and it is rewarding to see them receiving the best of care from the zoo’s dedicated animal keepers.

Many of the species here are endangered, and the zoo is involved in conservation programmes in India and in Madagascar. The conservation team also carries out fieldwork closer to home, working to conserve the threatened Reddish Buff Moth on the Isle of Wight.

The Isle of Wight Zoo is a member of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums.