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Educational visits
for primary and junior schools

Fort Victoria Marine Aquarium

A key part of most school visits is the guided tour which normally lasts about 40 minutes and which can emphasise any aspects of the Aquarium to compliment your studies.

Pupils should learn about the huge variety of types of life to be found in the sea, examples of food chains, some contrasting ways creatures have of finding food while avoiding becoming a meal themselves, some extremely good examples of camouflage and some ways in which they can help to conserve marine life.

If you are planning to look at the seashore, many rock pool inhabitants can be seen here as they look or behave when the tide is in, for instance Sea anemones have their beautiful tentacles extended rather than looking like lumps of jelly! pupils can see Gobies, Blennies and even baby Dogfish developing inside “mermaids purses”.